All Grown Up

All Grown Up cover

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Led by the powerful vocals of Marna Bales, this Richmond-based band seamlessly blends pop, country, and rock on their irresistible debut album.

From the undeniably catchy "Get Up" to the pure country rock of "Don't Be Afraid", ALL GROWN UP is an infectious set of radio-ready tunes punctuated with stunning harmonies and inspired musicianship.

Reviews/Quotes for 'All Grown Up'

"You take an All-Star Richmond band.. add in Richmond's Premiere studio musician/back up singer....and it's a recipe for success! Marna Bales IS 'All Grown Up' and so is her music!"
--Bill Bevins Lite - 98

"With this self-released effort, Bales and her band serve notice that there's enough pop-rock talent in this outfit to sing and play circles around many a band in town. Bales has powerful pipes, and she receives support from some of Richmond's most respected players."
--Style Weekly

"The CD...It's Awesome!!! Lot's of great tracks! A great CD from a great lady is easy to support!"
-Adam Stubbs Lite - 98