Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

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Packed with pure country hooks, rock 'n' roll riffs, and rich harmonies, Boys Will Be Boys reveals a rougher edge than their first effort, All Grown Up. The powerhouse vocals and impeccable songwriting remain, but their newest album embraces the rough-and-tumble style of contemporary artists like Gretchen Wilson and Bonnie Raitt.

The barn-burning title track called "Boys Will Be Boys" overflows with attitude and energy and features Marna's daughter, Macy, while "Two Pairs of Shoes" is a rowdy, honky-tonk hoedown about a cheating man. The harmony-drenched "Enuff Is Enuff" spotlights the stellar musicians in the band and the gospel-tinged ballad "Praying For Rain" places Marna's earthy alto front-and-center, backed by a heavenly chorus. Currently working on tracks for a third as yet untitled release, this band is poised to break through to the country music stratosphere with the rollicking Boys Will Be Boys.


Music Row Magazine
"Her alto vocal is turbo charged. And you've gotta love a song with lines like, "cop a feel" and a reference to a discarded thong..."
Robert K. Oermann

Style Weekly
"Goes well with modern country-pop, humor and grit."

Also available: All Grown Up